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  • Donna Frasca

When A Dream Reveals a Snip-It Of A Past Life

I think most of you know that we all have past lives, we don't know how many and for the most part and can't recall a thing from them unless we do a Past Life Regression.

I did a PLG years ago and was able to recall small bits from some lives that I've had that make total sense of who I am today. Well last night I believe I got a glimpse of another one which also makes total sense.

Ever wonder why you have fears? Fears of heights? Water? Fire? Or whatever? Well as much as I do enjoy small boating and fishing, I will not and mean will not even if I have a free ticket anywhere around the world chance, go on a cruise boat.

When one has these fears, this means that in some point in time there was a “life” you lived and that's how that fear was created because that is the way you died. So check this out.

Last night I believe I saw a glimpse of one of my past lives. I was on a HUGE boat with a lot of people on it. The waters became rough and the waves were big. People were running all over the place as one end of the “boat” lifted way high up in the sky as the other sunk low.

At that point I looked around and looked at the person next to me (not sure who they were) and said,

“I believe it's time to Angel Fly”

and up and off we both went - just as the ship sunk.

I strongly believe that "angel flight" was my soul leaving my body as I was about to die. I know where I was, can you guess?

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