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Words From My Clients

I wanted to share some of the beautiful words from my clients I received over the years

What a wonderful reading by Donna!! Her style was so unique and the messages she received were so spot on! It was so awesome to get validation that our loved ones are still with us every step of the way, even after they've crossed over. And to hear that their personalities are still very much the same is just that much more comforting ...... thanks for dealing with Grandma Jackie's talking And thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with me, Donna!!


Donna, Thank you so much for the reading. I absolutely loved every second of it and appreciate your time, and the extra time and card pulling you did for me, so much. You’re such a sweet person and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this reading. Even though the person I wanted to connect to didn’t come through, other important messages did come through and for that I am grateful. Thank you again!


Donna's coffee cup reading was spot on. She knew it was time for me to work on the abundance of God's gifts and my inner self. We have so many insights connected to our inner truth, we may find out that certain beliefs are no longer are aligned with our true purpose. It has been a difficult and confusing journey for me, but I have so much clarity now and Donna confirmed all those things that I have been struggling with. I would highly recommend Donna as she truly has a gift.

Daniella S

Not many human words can describe the experience I had with Donna. Magical, amazing, magnetic...Donna is an open and beautifully gifted psychic medium. Absolutely recommend her ❤️🔥🙏🏼 Emily A

Donna is amazing! Her readings r right on! You will love her!

Susan B

I have just finished a mini-session with Donna, and came away from this with a wonderful feeling of peace and calm. What I was most surprised with was a reconnection with my parents, who have passed from this earth. I should not have been that surprised, since this has happened to me before, but not with messages and insight! (Thanks Mom and Dad). Donna engaged Spirit, Archangels, and addressed my Chakra. If you are interested in enlightening yourself, and seeking guidance and knowledge of self..give Donna a try! I was Wowed! You will be too! Thanks Donna, you made me feel as if I have known you forever....perhaps I have!

Peggy S

I finally bit the bullet and asked for a reading from Ms. Donna. First of all, Ms. Donna is so kind about the session. she explained what the reading was about. I am grateful for her reaching out to my loved ones who have passed. Especially my dog, who would have thought. A lot of the message made sense to me. Also, she shared a moment with me about my grandmother, that brought me to tears. Grandma was happy with the tattoo I had done to honor her. and yes I will seek out future readings from Ms. Donna. Please allow her to open the door for you. Thank you again Ms Donna.

Love Lori

“Thank you Donna for the great reading tonight. June 1st 2019 💕 I loved the messages from my son Tyler and happy he’s ok with me selling his car it’s a huge deal for me but time to let it go, I’m happy too he’s still hanging out with his grandfather George! Thanks for the message about my health and it was 100% correct! I’m still smiling! Anyone who wants a great reading, Donna is a perfect messenger! I recommend her for any type of readings because she’s truly an amazing person, medium and intuitive 💕🙏🏼😇” JK

“I was guided by spirit to Donna. Watching her posts on Facebook it is so apparent to me how gifted she is. I admire her love of color and art. I decided to have an Angel painting done on Mothers Day. I was so amazed by my painting and the message that I received from a very special Guardian Angel. My Angel is healing two of my out of balance chakras. Donna let me know what to do to help heal them too. I then decided to get a Chakra reading from her. AMAZING! She told me about all of them is a very special way. Telling me traits that were totally on point with my personality. She did some Reiki healing on my two chakras that need the most attention. I could actually feel that going on.It felt like little butterflies fluttering around. My Angel and I thank her so much with my healing assistance. Donna is truly connected with the Angels and our magnificent Spirit!! Blessings and Love!”

Linda A

“Donna gave me a reading that really resonated with what I'm thinking and feeling. She helped give me clarity on some decisions i am making. I will definitely be getting more readings! She's the best! Nicole RI had a medium reading by Donna recently, and all I can say is WOW! Donna was able to bring in messages from my Dad, Mom and Sister. It is so comforting to get messages from our loved ones in spirit and to know they are still with us. Donna is truly gifted and I recommend that anyone needing to make that heartfelt connection, have a reading! My heart is full.” Jodi Q

“Donna reconnected me with my parents. She did a reading for me one time and was right on the money about my parents. I have now been able to form another relationship with both of them, oh they both passed by the way. Donna is very gifted and talented in her abilities to provide validation insights and loving information about ourselves and others around us. She is very knowledgeable about Angelic realms, chakra balancing and is excellent at color consultations. Especially how color relates to spirituality. Personally she is a kind, generous and intelligent human being who I am proud to call friend. I love the information she shares with others and if you do too you would do well to taking advantage of her services. Thank you Donna for all that you do.”

Blake C

“Yesterday I had a chakra cleanse from Donna. In the last 2-3 weeks, I had issues with not being able to sleep, feeling wired unable to voice my self. Donna got it to the point she saw that I have tension headaches, TMJ, acid reflux and that I swallowed a lot but regardless how hard it always comes back. She drew the chakras and what she saw combined it with essentials oils and crystals and then did a cleanse with some Reiki. This all felt very warm and relaxing and like some one is pulling something out of me from my back with tingling in my feet. The Result I slept like a baby for 12 hours.” Monica J

“I recently had an intuitive painting created by Donna and I have to say the whole process has been heartwarming and touching. The painting is a gift for my birthday from my mom. The beginning of the process brought me tears of joy. Knowing that my mom wanted to give me such a special gift touched me and I knew it was going to be spectacular. Donna was able to connect with so many loved ones who wanted to be part of the process, we weren't sure how to incorporate everyone. She took the time to focus on heritage which I believe inspired her background. Than she began to add pieces until she was told - That's it! Donna has a special gift that has brought me closer to God and my loved ones! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me, Donna!! I love my new painting and have entitles it: "I Love You!" Agatha A

“I have been observing Donna for some time now and was blessed enough to have a mini reading from her on Friday. I can not believe how spot on she was! I would have thought that I was right there with her and she was holding a piece of my jewelry for her to tune in so well. Try it, you will love it!” Donna H.

“It was a true pleasure and a privilege to be able to have a reading with Donna. She is a kind and caring person with a big heart. I felt as if we were sitting around the table talking with my deceased loved ones. From the very first sentence about my grandfather, she blew me away with the accuracy of the information she received from him. Donna brought to me comforting messages of validations, love and support from my family and detailed memories of my childhood growing up.”

“Donna has a positive and fun energy surrounding her and she brought therapeutic suggestions to help me heal some current issues. I wholeheartedly recommend Donna’s services and I look forward to having another reading from her in future. Thank you Donna. ”

“Donna did a reading for me this afternoon to help with her Medium certification. I was so excited, as my Grandfather, that passed before I was born came through with a beautiful message for me and my Dad. He wanted my Dad to know that he always loved him. He told me that "Some days are rainy and cloudy but he will always bring the sun shine for me!" and "He is my giver of Joy when days are gloomy!" Beautiful messages! She was able to give me specific examples of what she was shown that meant specific things to me. My Mother's father was there too. I adored him. She was able to tell me things about my Mother, who is still living. One of my little dogs even came through. Beautiful reading Donna. Anytime you want to practice. I'm your girl!”

“I never expected to receive my reading like this as it WAS very insightful. Many thanks to you, the channel and to my angels for sending me my important message. I have many important and life changing things coming up and I am now laying the foundation on these projects. Both spiritual and physical/mental. Selling the home stead and going up with reiki and mediumship. So much to learn.” “When I "see" Donna in my mind's eye there is a body of