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The Day I Got Hugged By An Angel

It was the summer of 2015 and I was in a “Meet Your Spirit Guide” class. It was a small class which is always nice - no distractions. This day, forever changed my life.

Everyone had their eyes closed, feet planted on the floor for grounding and you could hear the deep inhales and exhales as many people do while they are in a meditative state.

It was a guided meditation since the class at this point was fairly new to the “meet your Spirit” stuff which is always nice and guided meditations just make it easier to visualize what you're doing.

As the meditation progressed, I was getting a bit frustrated because I just wasn't seeing anything which is highly unusual for me since I'm 3rd eye strong - a very visual person.

Black. Blank. Nothing.

With a deep sigh of 'I just wasted my money' and then exhaling. I feel like I'm wasting my time! Then something strange happened.”

I saw an indigo blue swirl - keep in mind my eyes are closed now - and it was mixing in with lighter blues and darker blues. I remember thinking to myself that this was cool beans to see such pretty swirls of color.

Around the outside of the blue sphere were more shades of blue but they weren't in a ball, they were just all over the place in no special pattern just swirling and moving like the air would if it had color. (see painting above)

Clear out of nowhere I saw a really, really I mean a really bright light. It was like a yellow-white, or the whitest white you can imagine, towards the bottom part of my vision.

I was in awe of what I was seeing because at that point, I haven't seen such vivid colors before, not that clear or that saturated.

Then from the sides of m