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When The First Spirit You See is An Ascended Master

As time went on, my dreams got intense, and it was hard to distinguish them from reality. My clairvoyant eye and mind became so developed I became an expert lucid dreamer. These dreams were more than my spiritual trip to Africa and felt very different from seeing God’s vision. They messed with my head. Was I dreaming, or was it a reality?

“It was late at night, and it was my time to unwind, clear my head, and dive into a world of unicorns and lollipops, or so I thought.”

For years, and I mean years, I struggled with my dreams. They were intense and becoming so frightening I didn’t know where to run. In my mid-twenties and engaged to be married, I enrolled in some class that the Catholic Church made you take to make sure you and your partner were right for each other in ALL ways. Now that I think about it, I protested that class, but then I was just excited to get married, so I jumped through the hoops.

The class prepared you for marriage, kids, morals, and oddly, birth control, which was weird coming from instructors who had nine kids. We chuckled at that scenario. Anyway, there were several couples in the class, and one of them wanted kids, but knew she was reproductively

challenged. We played the game and took this class, which lasted for about eight weeks. I became connected to some of these couples; after all, young love is beautiful to watch and learn from.

One night after class, I had a “dream,” and I put that in quotes because this dream was way more than a dream. It was a message. As I was about to doze off, something caught my attention coming from my peripheral vision. I looked to the right of me, and there was a foggy image that became clearer the more I stared at it. This image turned into the face of who I believed to be God and how I pictured His representation in my mind. It was one of the most beautiful visions I’ve seen in my life! I said ‘one of’, because I saw this God again in my dreams, years later.

“Are you there, God? It’s me, Donna.”

As I stared at His image in awe, I heard him say, “Tell them three.” The them He was referring to were the couple in my class that had trouble conceiving a baby. I asked, “Three what? Three days? Weeks? Months? Years? Moons?” And I just heard His message again, “Tell them three.” Then He was gone.

Now how does one fall asleep after seeing that image? Well, eventually, I did and knew that at the next class, I would somehow have to tell this couple that I saw God, and He gave me a message to give to them.

This experience was the first time my clairvoyant eye opened. I always envied mediums, who say that they saw spirits their entire life and I wondered why I didn’t. Well, I finally did it! It was locked away in my memory, and I had to put the pieces together to rediscover it.

That week when we went to class, I was a bit nervous. I knew I had to speak to this couple and give them their message from God. There was only one way to go about doing this, and it was to go full throttle. I walked up to them and asked to speak to them privately. Was I nervous? Maybe a little, but I was the messenger, and when the message comes from God, you deliver it.

I began the conversation with, “You’re not going to believe this and it is difficult for me to say this, but I got a message for you and I have to give it to you.”

I told them exactly what I saw and what I heard in my dream. After all the words came out of my mouth, I took a step back, looked at them, and felt my one eyebrow lift a bit to wait for a reaction from them.

They looked at me in silence and asked the same thing I did, “Three what?” I replied with an “I don’t know, but I believe that’s the part you two will discover.”

Weeks later, the class ended, we got married, and I never heard from that couple again. I often wondered what their three was, but I strongly and I mean strongly believe that everything worked out for them. After all, when you get a message from God, you know the outcome is good.

Can you imagine what must have been going through my mind at this stage in my life? So many thoughts ran through my head. Do other people get messages from God in their dreams? Do other people travel to other countries during their sleep? Do other people see these powerful and clear images of people and places? Do they tell their family and friends? Do I speak out or keep my mouth shut and go on living my very unique life? Questions like these filled my mind.

I started asking some of my friends about their dreams to see if they had similar experiences. I had to tread carefully because I didn’t want to be seen to be an oddball. As life continued, I found out that no one had dreams anywhere close to what I was having. Yup, I was the oddball, which meant I kept so much to myself. Not only was that first clairvoyant image I saw a spirit, but it was way more than that; it was an Ascended Master. Talk about starting big, and you know what? I didn’t realize until I started writing this book that the first spirit I saw was God. Now, THAT’s a good beginning!

It’s difficult starting life out this way. There are so many things we don’t understand. We try to process our experiences throughout our lifetime and sometimes it seems we never find the answers to certain questions. I didn’t realize at the time how vital these experiences were to my growth as a medium until I started writing this book. If you’d told me I would be a medium in my adult years, and I mean fully out of the closet, I would have said you’re nuts. However, I’m sure, on some level, certain clues went through my mind. Why me? What is going on? Am I special? I’m just happy that I was strong enough to hang in there and tuck these experiences away under my belt somewhere. Tucked away, but not forgotten.

I'll be sharing snip-its from the book I wrote, From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind Of A Medium, available in my shop if you'd like a signed copy or on Amazon.


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