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Many Mediums Use Scripts, and That’s So Wrong!

I hesitated to write this article, so I’m writing more as a release for me instead of having someone benefit from what I’m writing; however, I know there will be those selected few who get it.

I’m a Medium. I’ve taken courses over the years, got the certificates, read for dozens of clients, and experienced all the woo the mediumship world offers.

What’s my gripe today? The mediumship teachers.

Have I learned from my teachers? Absolutely, yes, I did. Do I recommend mediums in training get proper training? 100% yes, but teachers or mentors are extremely hard to find. 

Here’s what happened yesterday that got my hose in a twist.

My teacher, who resides in the UK, has opened my eyes to many things in the spirit world, and I’m so grateful for that. His teachings have raised my mediumship to a level that I feel comfortable with and have been a real game-changer for me. However, I recently saw him in a video where he was doing a platform reading, and I was appalled. 

I 100% think that mediums that offer group reading should reconsider. They are very ego-oriented. “Look at me! I’m standing in front of two hundred people, and I will pick out just a few and speak to their loved ones.”

Is that really what they are doing, or are they just performing?

From Teresa Caputo and many mediums I’ve seen doing group readings, they use a specific script. I know this because I’ve been observing it for years and see the patterns. 

First of all, they all give the fuzzy general lines like:

  • Oh, your loved one passed suddenly.

  • There was family all around at the time of passing

  • You didn’t get to say what you wanted to say

  • There were family feuds about the will 

  • There was an object of his/hers that you hold dear to your heart

  • Your parent used to love to listen to music/records

  • There was an issue with the heart/head and breathing at their passing

  • He said it’s okay that you weren’t there when he passed; he forgives you and knows you loved him.

  • He had a blanket he kept close to him towards the end; you still have it.

  • You think of him at the holidays and feel his presence.

How many of you resonated with what I just wrote? How many of you think I just gave you a reading? This, my friends, is a script that I noticed many “mediums” use, and it’s incredibly upsetting. These are VERY general statements; any unskilled person can design a script like this and have you convinced they are connected to your loved one.

Anyone can do a reading for someone if they can read body language, read into what the client is saying, and fill in the blanks, which is sad.

There are, however, mediums who have significantly sharpened senses. Clairvoyantly, like myself, they have a strong link to spirit and see stories unfold in their mind's eye. We discuss and describe these images in readings because spirit provides the information, but we must keep that link strong and accurate. This is where EVIDENTIAL mediumship comes into play.

We use all our senses in readings, and depending on which senses you have, that helps the spirit story unfold, and it’s beautiful to witness.

Now, back to my teacher. Yes, he’s a good teacher, a lovely man, and a suitable medium; however, I noted him in a situation that most people were blind to. 

The thing about mediumship readings is that the people we read for are in grief, pain, anger, are lost, or are looking for something, anything to hear from their passed loved ones, even if it’s a script that happens to fit their situation, and that’s not okay. So, during my teacher's group reading, 95% of it was fluff, and only 5% was evidential, and THAT is not okay.

If you’re going to read this way, DO NOT CHARGE for your readings until you are trained and experienced enough with your abilities—practice on all the people you want to. Sharpen your Clairs and use them every day. Listen to your gut and your intuition, and most of all, listen to spirit. I’ve seen people charge 2-3 thousand dollars for one hour! Sorry, but really?

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I know it’s sometimes intimidating to do readings, and no one wants to be incorrect. I will give you one example of a good point every medium should consider.

I was reading for a woman whose grandmother came forward. First, I identified her as her grandmother, and then images of top hats flooded my third eye.

When images come in so randomly, this is 100% a sure way you KNOW it’s from spirit. Don’t ever filter these images, no matter how ridiculous they seem.

I told my client I saw several top hats, and she smiled and started crying.

“I recently got married, and all the groomsmen wore top hats at my wedding.” She replied.

I smiled and replied, “Well, your grandmother tells me she was at your wedding too and loved the top hats.”

THAT is evidential mediumship, and details like this should be included in your readings.

I would also like to say that the first ten minutes of most readings are where the best and strongest messages will come in. So, in my opinion, readings should be 20-30 minutes, and that’s it. The rest is fluff and mediums wanting their clients to feel they got their money's worth. 

Conclusion. I’m not trying to diss anyone following the mediumship journey; I am strongly stating that proper training is crucial to being a good medium. Honestly, I loved how my readings flowed way before I had all my training; I trusted my gut and talked about what I saw, felt, smelled, and just knew this was all about using the Clairs. 

What does the perfect mediumship reading include?

• Leave your ego outside

• Train your CLAIRS every day for the rest of your life

• Do not rely on cards and crystals at all

• Trust your gut

• Trust spirit

• Host your sessions no longer than 30 minutes

• Charge accordingly and reasonably 

• Do not add fill in your readings

• Do not play off the emotions of your client

• Leave your feelings somewhere else when reading

• Open your heart to spirit

• Listen to spirit; you are their voice.

• Work from love, not greed

• Do not be a reading machine; one reading a day

• LIVE readings on social media are tacky. Respect your gifts, respect the people in spirit

• Do not do readings on the days you feel ill or off

• Love what you do!



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Joanne Sprott
Joanne Sprott
Dec 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Yes, very important distinctions here between simple performative readings and truly channeled ones for an individual. I was back and forth about the value of group readings before this, but you've definitely made me more skeptical of them for the future. Seems easier from the medium's point of view as well to deal with only the energies of a loved one for one person's situation at a time.

Dec 18, 2023
Replying to

and they are showing up more and more. It’s hard to find a good medium or even a qualified teacher. Thank goodness my Guides help me so much!


Deeva Ameekyaaraam
Deeva Ameekyaaraam
Dec 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Makes perfect sense and I feel inspired to continue my development sans shortcuts, thank you <3

Dec 18, 2023
Replying to

Keep learning Deeva, and go heavy on the Clairs and Chakras


Dec 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very important. Thanks!

Dec 18, 2023
Replying to

Whether we do mediumship or not, it’s a great idea to have all our senses fine tuned and sharpened.

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