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I Witnessed A Miracle

My son had gotten into a fender bender, and we were contacting the insurance company to take care of the damages. To make a complicated story short, the insurance agency said that we would have to pay for everything because, under the circumstances, they could not cover it. 

It gets more complicated when my husband has to go to the tow yard Monday, an hour from our house, and give them titles and other papers. The problem is he has to go out of town for business and cannot do this.

He was on the phone with the tow and insurance companies for hours, getting nowhere.

I was upset, so I went downstairs into the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher. I had some dishes in my hand, and all of a sudden, I saw my dad, who passed away last June, standing next to me. He put his arms around me and said, “Donna, everything will be OK.“

This vision was so clear and precise that I had to hold onto the counter because I almost fell over. As I was holding onto the counter, in front of me was the clock. It was 4:44!

I stood up and smiled, knowing everything would be OK! Not five seconds later, my husband came running down the stairs and said, “I just spoke to the insurance company, and they said that they would take care of everything; we are covered and will not have to pay anything!

I started crying.

I needed a beer to calm my nerves, and I also took a glass out for my dad. I poured a bit into his favorite beer, stein, and thanked him.

This, my friends, is how our past loved ones help us. We cannot physically touch them, but we can see and sense them with us. This is a perfect example of connecting with your loved ones if you need help or miss them and want to talk to them. Just open up your heart and your senses and trust what you see.


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