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When Angels Speak: Words That Will Transform Your Life

Years ago when I received my Angel certification, I dove deeply into the Angels, who they were, what they did, and how they are able to help us. The amazing thins about our feathered friends is that the more you chat with them, think about them or connect with them, the closer they are too you.

The five Angels that I work with the most are Metatron, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel. Iā€™d like to share words that they told me, very empowering words, that are life changing.

šŸ¦‹ From Archangel Metatron šŸ¦‹

In order to grow we must step back.

In order to understand we must experience pain.

In order to love we must hate.

In order to see we must close our eyes.In order to feel we must be numb.

šŸ¦‹ From Archangel Raphael šŸ¦‹

To heal is to first feel pain.

To start anew we must end.

To learn we must still our minds.

To love we first must be free.

šŸ¦‹ From Archangel Michael šŸ¦‹

When we live, we express our desires.

When we explore life we must feel protected.

When we journey we walk many paths.

When we seek we find.

šŸ¦‹ From Archangel Gabriel šŸ¦‹

End to begin.

Open yourself to be loved.

Free yourself to be creative.

Love yourself to be you.

šŸ¦‹ From Archangel Uriel šŸ¦‹

First be true to yourself before you can serve others.

Know where you came from before you know where you can go.

Remember the most basic things in life are the best and truest.

Life singles down to one ā€” you.

Hold on so you can let go.Stay grounded so you can rise above.


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