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Friday the 13th: The Last Day To Release

I’ve really been drawn to learning more about the moon phases. As a Cancer, the moon is my ruling planet so this is just a natural progression.

Since my dad passed this summer, I’ve also been very drawn to learning more about my Lithuanian Pagan heritage. Being Pagan is something I’ve always knew about my background but it’s only now that I’m fully stepping forward with it and it feels amazing.

Life is weird; you spend most of it living for others whether it’s for work or family but it’s not until you get close to your retiring years that you start living for yourself.

Today is Friday the 13th and the last day of the waning moon. Tomorrow starts the New Moon. The waning moon phase is the time to RELEASE. It’s the time to release all that does not serve your highest good. Things to release can be physical, or emotional. I wrote these words today to help with my release.

“I release from me and reach out for what
is yet to be.”

Isn’t that nice? I thought it was fitting, simple and to the point. You’re welcome to use it as well but perhaps put your own twist on it or add a few more lines. So just a quick post today and happy Friday the 13th.

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