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Embracing the Energy of the Eclipse: How to Connect with Nature During Celestial Events

Doors represent choices, while realms signify moving forward. A significant part of our life involves reacting to the emotions, words, and actions of others. It’s not healthy or even possible to block these energy waves. Instead, walk through them. However, the choice lies in how we react and how quickly we move into another realm or timeline.

Many people remain stuck in controlled thinking, and being around that energy can drain and lower our vibes. The best option is to walk on, walk through, and “bless them on their way.” We have many doors or choices in life. We can control our words, thoughts, and reactions, but we can’t change those of others.

I’m not sure if I’ll see any of the eclipse where I am, but that’s ok; I saw it with Hubs in 2017, which was awesome. I am shutting off the TV and all electronics, putting on my garden dress and hat, and will be outside in my gorgeous yard, connecting with the energy. It already feels amazing. Open your doorways to unlimited realms.


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