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Playing Chess With Spirit: A Reading That Digs deep Into The Strategy Of Life.

Dig deep into the strategy of life. See where the Knight goes to get to the King. What or who does the King even represent in your life. Let's find out.

While I was taking a bath, I was given (don’t you just love downloads in the loo?) this card layout.

This is SO amazing! Are you familiar with chess? Here’s a little note of what the “Knight” does.

“The knight’s ability to “jump over” other pieces means it tends to be most powerful in closed positions, in contrast to a bishop. The Knight moves alternately to light and dark squares. A knight should always be close to where the action is.”

How perfect is THIS for a reading?

• • • Are you able to “jump over obstacles” in life to get to where you need to be?

• • • “You can be on both light and dark squares to get to your destination” - plowing through balance because ‘you got this.’

• • • “You come close to where the action is” - because you ARE energy and are attracted to all that is in your greatest and highest good.

Well, I’m excited about this layout. This reading will go into a lot of detail, and I think the best way to deliver this one is via a video. I feel this will. I think this reading will take the symbols that we see and even the ones that we are not yet aware of, and incorporate them into a reading. PM if interested. Oh, I have to share this!!!! How unique right?

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