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  • Donna Frasca

Mediumship Memos: Self Development Is Key To Being A Good Medium

I am now on week three of Deepening The Evidence class taught by Andy Byng. I'm so grateful that there are links that we can review for this course because every time I review the class in ZOOM, I understand a point that I didn't see before. Class three was not about Self Development but I took this time to take a pause and reflect.

I was on vacation this past week and instead of getting all into the class and on the Facebook page, I decided that yes I will come in and look in the group but for the most part, dedicated a week to myself. What does that mean? Chakra work.

This class is teaching us how to be “Natural” Mediums and how to let things unfold naturally without getting all in our heads. Trust me when I tell you this is not easy. I am finding out the the less I try the easier things get and this is good. I also took that concept and applied it to my Chakras. I just went about my day, took notice of what unfolded and then checked to how that related to my Chakras. My findings were very interesting.

In the Deepening The Evidence course, we are being taught to tap into our emotions to be able to connect with the Spirit world. That is just one part of it but the point is, tapping into emotions.

The point of my vacation was to go visit parents and family. We all know all the stress that can lead to those visits right? Well that was my first task to handle, past memories and emotions.

This is all about the Root Chakra, family and those foundations. Sometimes those foundations or memories as I call them, are not the best. No life is perfect and of course there are bumps, hurdles and those things that we just can't let go. Now, after thinking about this for a few days, there are things in life that we experienced as kids and will forever remain in our minds. Some of these things are wonderful and some, are nightmares. How long do we need to hold onto nightmares? Why are we even doing this?

There are many emotions that we live through in life, some good some bad. Of course the good times in life we hold onto forever but, the bad memories wear holes in our Chakras that if not released, will tear us apart. Why do this?

We cannot change our past but we can change our present which in the long run, alters are future. It's up to US to let go of all those emotions and memories that are destroying our Chakras. For example, if there was an event in our childhood that was horrible and one that stayed in our mind for decades, I bet any amount of money that you may be experiencing some type of back pain, hip problems or bone issues. This is hands down, a sign that your Root Chakra is way out of balance. How do we fix it? To forgive and release.

This is by no means an easy feat and may take months if not years to accomplish. In my case, my Root Chakra issues are not that severe but nevertheless, still need balancing and clearing. How did I do it?

I put many things in perspective and work REALLY hard not to sweat the small stuff. I decided to live in the present, not the past and let go of all those memories and emotions that got stuck in my head and my Root Chakra. This, I have to work on daily because many memories have been in my head for decades and cannot just go away in a week. With daily work, affirmations and a positive attitude, I am on my way to a balanced Root Chakra and lots of weight off my shoulders.

So as the week went on, I tapped into each Chakra even if it was just for 20 minutes during my morning walk.

• I moved up to the Sacral Chakra and just was free for the day and let my loving emotions express.

• I zoned in one my Solar Plexus and all the yellow I could find to strengthen that very important circle, my power center.

• I did some extra smiling as I move into my Heart Chakra and remembered and reminisced all the good times I had with my family over the decades and this, was wonderful! It'll be a memory that I'll cherish forever.

• My Throat Chakra got a tune up as I listened and enjoyed a live band one night. It reminded me to not only speak my truth but to communicate who I was not only to the world but to myself.

• My 3rd Eye got a great workout as I took 2 hours out on class day to do a practice reading and the visuals were amazing! I will be doing a video for that and linking it to this post. I also went blueberry picking and the color of those berries made my 3rd Eye all shiny and new!

• I still have to work on my Crown Chakra, I ran out of time but will SIT IN THE POWER this week and focus on that Chakra.

Self development is something we should be doing daily. It's so very important not only in our Mediumship journey but for our everyday well being.

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