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Would You Like To Book A Reading?

You can see what I offer in the SHOP, but I'd like to talk a little about these readings. They are provided in several price ranges, all affordable, the most are $75 for an hour of Intuitive Reading. I love the intuitive readings because any and all information unfolds here, from chakra readings to mediumship connections. Being on ZOOM offers another level of connection here, but they are also offered on the phone if you'd like.

Are you looking for something different? The Coffee Cup readings are it! This is a great experience to SEE via ZOOM - I swish the coffee grounds right in front of you via ZOOM screen share, and together we watch it unfold. These readings make great gifts!

Cards are another way to connect with you on a psychic level. These readings are so accurate because there are no images on the front or wordings on the back to guide the reader on what to say; it's 100% intuition.

There are Angel cards readings and, again, a little of everything, depending on what guidance you are looking for. I invite you to view the SHOP for more details.



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