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Why Are There So Many Variations In Mediumship Mentors?

I'm going through the papers in my office; you know, the ones that we save over the years? And it's interesting; I've studied under many mediums, and what's weird is that they ALL have different views on mediumship.

• Some believe in ghosts; some say it's just residual energy•

• Some say there's no such thing as Earthbound spirits, and some give you procedures on how to cross them over•

• Some say there's no such thing as attachments, and some tell you why you have an attachment and how to get rid of it•

• Some say all people who crossed over to the spirit world are "all love," and some say there are some nasty spirit people that lurk around.

Who do you believe? Well, after years of collecting all these paperworks, I've decided to throw most of them away because they all contradict each other.

Each medium is so very unique, and there is not one size fits all in the spirit world. What's good to understand is that if you are searching for answers about your mediumship, the best thing to do is trust your gut based on what you feel and the experiences you've had. For me, I KNOW there are earthbound spirits because I crossed some over, and these experiences had similar elements, and all brought me to tears.

Not every medium can or wants to cross them over, which is why that ritual does not resonate with them.

So much to talk about. Stay tuned.


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