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Who Is Archangel Uriel?

What do we know about Archangel Uriel?

His name, for one, means Fire of God or God is my Light, so he is often shown having a flame coming out of the palm of his hand.

He is known to be associated with the Earth Element, which is grounding. Uriel is sometimes noted as wearing a brown or green robe symbolic of the Earth Element to continue with the grounding Element. Mother Earth is also green and brown, so this is a nice way of associating Uriel with the Earth Element. Just think of earthy colors.

Now Archangel Uriel oversees the Root Chakra, which is red. However, the Root Chakra involves Earth, grounding, and trees. See how they are connected?

One little tidbit that I learned about Uriel when studying my Oracle of the Angel cards is that he is often thought of when you see a rainbow. He is representative of the weather and is often seen in beautiful landscapes. Here we again associate landscapes with grounding and the Earth Element.



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