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Who Are We Protecting Ourselves From?

We all know people who surround themselves in bubbles, light, and the energy of Source, which is great - yes, this is a great mindset to be in.

My belief is to be securely rooted in the place/space of the Universe where MY soul is, where MY light is. It's also important to release the low, negative/dark energy others carry (people or spirits) from our space. Protect your space from those influences.

Secure yourself, anchor yourself in trust and clarity, and keep that space clear of all the low vibrations influences of others. This grows stronger as we surround ourselves with the same vibe of people who have our best interests in mind. WE choose people and circumstances to be around, and this is called spiritual security.

I literally go through this every day and just this morning felt myself getting sucked into a rabbit hole of that off energy. Then I chose not to do that and instead focused on the positive and happy things in my aura.

It's not always easy to separate these vibes, and it takes a lot of work, but when you decide to let the "lows" go and choose the lighter, it makes a world of difference.


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