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Which Chakra Do I Need To Work On Today?

Are usually pull cards first thing in the morning for some reason; tonight, I wanted to pull one for myself in the evening hours.

I love working with the chakras because, for me, I can tie in the color that relates to them and have a really good connection with that particular chakra.

This chakra card is targeting the throat chakra, and its color is blue.

When we TALK about the throat chakra, we highlight COMMUNICATION as a major part of this chakra. We should be honest with ourselves in how we talk and communicate, not only with others but with ourselves.

Just tonight was saying strong affirmations out loud, without realizing I was using my throat chakra, so no wonder I pulled this card. It's good to speak up, speak out, and to speak strongly.

So whatever it is that you're vocalizing, make sure you stand behind your words; not only say them but feel them. You don't have to convince others what you say is true; you just need to know that for yourself. Words have power. Use them carefully and put a lot of power behind them, with good intentions, of course.


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