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Which Angel Helps Us With Our Creativity?

We all need to feel good, but we're not sure how to. Do we take a yoga class? A cooking class? Start a reading group?

We are all in the same boat together. Don't ever feel like you are alone in how you feel. I will tell you this, less is more, and going back to basics is key.

Remember when you were a kid how fun it was to do the simple things in life like drink out of the hose, play stickball, kick the can, ride your bicycle? Well, now is the time to go back and do it all again. Yes, we are adults now, and playing kick the can would be odd, funny though! I suggest coloring.

ArchangelGabriel is the Angel that oversees our SacralChakra, our creativity center. Start simple by picking up a few magic markers and start doodling on some paper. Composition doesn't count but focuses on how the colors look and feel to you. You can get a basic magic marker set at any store. Include your kids into this #ArtsandCrafts project, and they'll think you're the coolest parent in the world. I guarantee it will feel good!


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