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When Things Come In Threes

Things come in threes, in this case, the threes are, lower self, middle self, and Higher Self. These are stages in life

Self, middle self and higher self

we go through as we walk our journey, the goal is to get to the Higher Self.

Sometimes, the triangle turned upside down and there is a step back in progress. Don't fret, although an unpleasant feeling, we have to stay on that plateau for a while until a lesson is learned, unlearned or relearned.

This crazy thing we call life is ever-changing and if you don't go with the flow, you'll be in that upside-down position for a while. I'm saying this because I pulled a #SacredGeometry card for myself stating just this and it was spot on. Yesterday was rough and I've had that same day over and over and over again. What to do? Move on.

I expect that there was an old me that no longer exists. There is a new me unraveling and it's quite a process. I've learned to voice my opinion because I will not hold in emotions and make myself sick. Is there a consequence to voicing opinions? Very much so but I'm coming in with a positive, loving attitude and hoping for the best.

I went for a walk this morning and my mantra was, “I Am.” These are the two strongest words in the Universe, and I trust that. And so it is.


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