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When Things are Quiet, They Are Loud

In 2014 when my spiritual experiences peaked, it was wildly fun! Several times a day, I'd see or hear either spirit people or angels. I'd see chakras and whip-out readings like pulling tissues from a box when one has a cold, and they were crazy spot on with tons of detail. My light was on 24/7, and as exciting as it was, as I look back, it was exhausting. Now seven years later, if I kept up that pace, I know I'd be in a padded room somewhere and alone at that.

I now know from experience, when things are "quiet" on the outside, it's really quite the opposite. What does this mean? Like a kid who just opened presents at Christmas time, the first week of having all the new things is wonderful! A few weeks down the line, the novelty wears off. Does it mean the kids don't like their gifts? No, not at all; they've just grown accustomed to the look and feel of each new toy they've received.

The same thing happens in the spirit world. It's not that everything has come to a halt; it's that I've grown familiar with how everything looks and feels, like a perfectly worn pair of jeans. Everything has become second nature to me, and it eerily frightening yet exciting that this is my new norm after all these years.

For example, my senses have become incredibly heightened. I can sense energy when I hold things, smell the neighbors' cologne when I open the window, and what they have on the grill, and their voices are incredibly loud. When I watch TV, I hear/feel low bassy sounds in the background, like a distant thunderstorm approaching. I still constantly hear that high-pitched sound in my right ear. I ALWAYS see the same numbers but not the typical 111, 222, 333, 444. I see mirror numbers to the point it's getting freaky, numbers like 101, 202, 12:21, etc. I'm still trying to figure out what these numbers mean, and no, I don't go to THAT website that tells you what every number in God's creation means; I'm waiting until I figure it out myself. What do I think it means? Deep down, I feel it has something to do with mirroring or parallel worlds. I'm still working on this, and it's frustrating.

The biggest freak is, and this is happening for months now, sometimes when I say a word, seconds later I hear it on TV. I got to the point where the word that stands out like that, I've been writing down to see if it forms a sentence, but it does not. Even my husband notices it.

What is the point of this post? Just saying, if you've come to a plateau or resting point, just know that you've caught up to the learning part of your journey, and now, you're in the living part.

We are just dancers in time. Enjoy your new jeans!


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