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When The Burden Of Life Is Too Heavy

An odd thing happened in a reading last night. This card, The Cross, which symbolized burden and grief, showed up in my card layout that was supposed to be positive. I will say it took me for a loop and it was highly unusual.

Psychic mediums have to be like Detectives, you can't just pull a card and what you see is what you get - that doesn't work in our line of work. I will also be talking about this in the Cartomancy event to tomorrow night. (This event is on the MeWe social media platform)

I looked at the card and asked for more information on this card and heard, “Even though you may have a burden in this sector of your timeline, know that there is someone (her passed husband) who is on the other end of the cross making the load lighter.”

I thought that was a great message and a reminder that no matter how hard our life can be, it can always be harder AND to know our passed loved ones are always lifting the load for us even though it seems difficult at times. You can find me on MeWe:

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