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When Spirituality Pauses; Let's Talk About It

How is everybody doing today?

Today I want to talk about spiritual pauses. So many people say their abilities stopped or they can't access them anymore and that's a thing. Well, let's talk about that thing.

Does our spirituality pause?

It most certainly does! Think of it this way. When you go for a walk that is on a slight incline, don't you feel a wee bit tired after a few minutes? You may not stop walking but if you continued that pace for two hours, you'd be exhausted. The same goes for our spirituality. If we constantly get insights, visuals, senses, message dreams, downloads, angel messages and visits from our loved ones, after a while, we will feel exhausted.

This was me in 2014 when my awakening skyrocketed. It came to a point where my house was full of spirit people, where ever I went there were angels (tough life right) dreams that were overwhelming and clairvoyant images 24/7. I had to ask spirit to slow it WAY down, there is no rush for this amazing world.

I had to protect myself first and work at a pace that was comfortable for me to live with. This is an important element to understand and what it boils down to my friends is that WE are in charge, always, not the spirit world. So when life is just a wee bit too overwhelming, ask for a pause and it will slow down in a New York second. The other amazing this is that when you're ready to take things up a notch, all you have to do is ask.


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