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When My Angels Gave Me A Pause Button

I was talking with someone on Facebook the other day about a “pause button.” Not sure how the conversation started, but the main point of it was the “pause button.”

She asked, “What is a pause button?” I told her it was a gift, recently given to me, that allows me to pause, think, and choose how I react to a situation.

Now you’re probably saying, “Sounds kinda basic” well, it’s not. I was born and raised in NY and have a very fiery personality. Thank goodness I’m also a water sign, so most of the time, I can put myself out with that water, lol. All kidding aside, most of the time, my fire takes over, which is when bad things happen. When I react before I think, things are said that cannot be taken back. This has been a struggle for a long time. When your angels see you struggling with something, they will wait until the timing is right - and yes, you will HAVE to go through a lot of crap before this happens, but it HAS to happen.

We get gifts as rewards, right? For doing a good job, helping others, achieving goals for yourself, retirement, milestones, all kinds of things, right? Well, a pause button was given to me, and it’s a life-changer!

I really started noticing it this week when I was in a situation where I could have got bat s*** but didn’t. There was a little fire inside trying to light; I will not lie about that, but it was extinguished very quickly.

I said to myself, “Do I really want to react to this (situation) and stir the pot, or do I want to state my intentions NICELY and let the rest go without getting all NY on everyone?”

I can’t tell you how empowering it is to have that power, NOT TO REACT! It’s like the adult in me is controlling the inner child from going nuts. It feels calming and, like I said, empowering. Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean closing down your throat chakra. It means knowing WHEN to activate it.

What does this all mean? It means that the emotion of love is the strongest emotion we have! When we realize this, it cannot be undone. When we LIVE this, and it feels good!



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