• donnafrasca

When Life's Challenges Are Upfront and Center, Spirit Takes A Backseat

I'm not going to lie when I say the past few weeks have been a challenge. From the last post about my beloved cat Levi passing to me getting the flu of some kind and two family members now in hospice, it all came in at once.

During times like this, it's hard to see that the glass is half full, and to top it off, and a disgruntled client gave me some words because I canceled her third reading. After all, my heart was not in line with spirit - yea; I let that one go.

For the most part, every day is a blessing, and great days at that, I really can't complain. But life has cycles, and you have to take the good with the bad; this is balance. The crappy thing is, I am in the winter season right now and NEED to get my feet into the green grass, but it's brown, cold, soggy grass. Yes, there is beauty in all seasons and getting in nature helps regardless of the weather, but there's nothing like that hot, southern sun beating down on your back as your feet are in the dirt. It's just so healing!

As I slowly start to feel human again, not sleepy, achy, and feverish, I'm getting my link back to spirit. I love how spirit lets me rest when I need it the most - everything and everyone else can wait.

I always pull a card for myself every day. It's the one tool that consumes very little spiritual energy and brings in the highest impact when I need answers. Today my card is that of intuition and dreams. Here, my message is to continue to trust my intuition. It has taken me years to build it up, and with each passing day, it gets stronger. I will add that there are much-needed breaks, so when spirit says, “Donna, take a little rest for now,” somehow I get a bug that forces me to do nothing but rest in bed. Luckily, this doesn't happen often, but rest is rest because I know I'll need my energy to push forward.