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When Home Changes

I love how spirit knows what's on my mind. It's early morning and you know the routine, cats, coffee, morning walk. Well, yesterday, I was out enjoying the sun and a black snake came across my path. That's fine and fancy BUT, I have a TON of birds in my yard, and in the area the snake was, there's a nest of chickadees. So what was on my mind this morning? The safety of those babies because last year, there was an accident where the snake got into a nest and the nest was gone.

What does this mean? It's all about the rootchakra . Do I feel safe in my home unit? Do I feel I belong in my "nest" which is the home? Will things get disrupted in my home or will everything be ok?

These are just some of the questions we ask about our home and where we fit into it. Home changes. Life changes. The eggs hatch, babies turning into fledglings then fly the coop. And then there's the empty nest.

These are all stages of life and as hard as it is, we all need to learn to go with the flow of life. Is it easy? No, but we can ease up on ourselves as we adjust to our new "home."


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