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What is the Message for Today? Peace

“Pure, simple, serenity.” This week has been nothing short of amazing on an energy level regardless of the heaviness of life. Like I’ve been saying, the cream always rises to the top. You have to believe this!

This morning before I woke I I saw an image of a green pasture. The grass was perfect and I felt myself walking through it. As I looked down at my feet, no matter where I walked, a few patches of weeds and grass had gone brown. I looked up and continued walking towards the greenness that was just a few steps ahead. When I got there I again looked down and saw the same weeds and patches of brown grass.

As I always when I get insights I ask, “What does that mean?”

You know the saying, “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence” well this is precisely that. Yes, where you are now may be a hurdle or two but keep your sights moving forward and know, the best is yet to be 💚


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