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What is the Message for Today? Communication

Yesterday, I pulled this Lenormand card, and I haven’t for a while, but felt drawn to start again. As I look at the owl I see wisdom and can resonate with that on so many levels.

This card is about communication - WHO - you, that’s who! Now more so than ever is the time to communicate. “Together we are louder than one.” It also references the “Chinese Whispers Effect” much like the game we all used to play as kids called telephone. By the time information gets to us, it’s already distorted and way, way distant from the original message.

We must listen to our own message and not that of others. Discernment, wisdom and clarity are what the owls bring you today. Trust in yourself and in your own thoughts and beliefs. Energies are literally changing by the minute and it can be very overwhelming. Be wise in who you trust and listen to your inner self; there are many facades among us. Having said that, we are now beginning to see more clarity and our wisdom sees right through it.

Today is a great day! Do not be afraid of the number 13 but embrace it. 1 + 3 = 4 and 4 is the number of foundation. You’ve worked from the ground up and your house (you) is strong!


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