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What Happens When We Die?

If we knew what happened when we die, would we be so afraid? I did some automatic writing and asked Spirit this very question. Here is what came through. Some of this didn’t make sense so I added the question mark.

ME: Spirit, what happens when we die?

SPIRIT: We speak to you with (???????) eyes, answers you seek are in diamond codes.

There is a space between realms - not a realm as in dimensions but a realm as in space - it’s an emotion. It’s similar to the experience you have when you drive a car and get to your destination but have no recollection of how you got there. You just arrive. Time slows and speeds up all at the same time, the same pace.

The indicator (??) is the heart. It beats a certain way at a certain frequency that starts the death cycle.

ME: Who am I speaking to?

SPIRIT: “G.” Dying is also related to temperature not as is cold as when you die but hot molecules in your inner body move quickly much like what you know as a microwave. This helps propel the soul out of the human shell.

ME: Where does the soul go?

SPIRIT G: Into space, air, through a tube but the tube has holes in it. Parts of your soul goes out through those holes in different directions and different places through the holes. This is how your family is formed for your next life. Each part of your soul goes out to create a new family unit to start over. Each family unit contains a little piece of your original soul, the bits that passed through the tube.

ME: What if we don’t want to start over?

SPIRIT G: Then your soul goes through a white space and gets refreshed, not erased but refined for your next journey.

ME: What next journey?

SPIRIT G: Life. You go to that space / place where you thought you could not live. It’s not a space but a memory / emotion.

ME: Life a past life or experience?

SPIRIT G: Yes but before you return where you were before you are asked questions by Light Beings. These questions don’t rely on answers, only your emotions.

ME: Like Telepathy?

SPIRIT G: Yes, similar.

ME: What does that mean?

It’s like putting on an apron before you cook. You know you might soil your clothes so you think ahead and assume that you will spill something on yourself. That results in an emotion. When you die, you already know where you’re going based on the way you feel. your past lives that have a lower vibrational connection to your soul - you have to go back to complete it - to make it a happy experience.

ME: Not sure I understand this.

ME: What should we know about dying?

SPIRIT G: In conclusion, heal and light guide you where you need to be, where you need to go. Like a worker bee, there are Light Beings ready for you to help you transition.

ME: Like Angels and Guides?

SPIRIT G: No. They are the heat also - they are shiny like metal, like metallic copper sparkles. The more they shine, they guide you where you need to go. You follow the reflection.


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14 jul. 2022

Fascinating! Interesting details I hadn't heard before.

14 jul. 2022
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Joanne, this is in my book on page 162. I've heard one other similar description about death the way my Guides described it here. Wild isn't it?

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