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What Does It Mean To Find A Ladybug?

I'm going to start a new hashtag - #SpiritualSigns because these signs are literally all over the place and it will be a great reference to look back on.

So I'm having a good day - nothing special about today. I go to my meditation room and do some quick exercise to move my Chi around. When I was done, I go into my office to do some computer work and to the desk to the right of me, was a ladybug.

I was a bit bummed that it was no longer alive but still, it's a sign. Like a knucklehead, I was going to go to the internet (Rookie mistake) to see what it symbolized and then something pulled me back and said, “Donna, you have all the answers you need.”

I picked up the ladybug and placed it in the coffee cup that I do coffee ground readings - just for now until I find a better place. Why did I place it in that cup? That was my reading cup!

The ladybug symbolizes luck. To intuitively place this little creature in one of my divination tools suggests to me, that my readings, my #coffeeCupReadings will be upfront and center for the time to come.

Just today I was thinking about which one of my blog posts to promote and share and I heard, “what do you love to do most?” For me, it's hands down intuitive readings. Connecting with spirit, energy, and people is a gift like no other.

2022 is not even here yet and I feel like a racehorse at the gate ready to go. This is the energy of 2022. FOCUS, TRUST, SENSE


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