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What Does Hawk Energy Symbolize?

I am definitely feeling a major shift. I'm not looking at the moon phase or how the planets line up or even what the cards say, I'm 100% intuition at this point.

Yesterday I found this beautiful hawk feather, and it was not random.

Did you know that the hawk is the only bird that can stare directly at the sun without having to squint from the glare? What does this mean?

It means that symbolically, you can stare at an issue head-on with 100% trust, confidence, and intuition. Without that “blink,” you are fully ready to take on the next phase of your life without hesitation.

This morning when I went for my walk and seeing the crazy things I saw in those brief moments, I realize that there are people who are so blinded and just can’t move forward. For example, the father who lets his three-year-old daughter walk through the exhaust of his car every morning. How can a dad be so stupid to let his kid get poisoned from that air? The poor girl coughs every morning as she gets in the car, with her breakfast in hand, mind you.

The neighbor who puts waters his lawn this morning after we had torrential rains yesterday. Is he living in such a cocoon that MAYBE he should dare use his brain and shut the water off?

The hawk energy is very strong. How to work with it? It is about excepting the next stage in life because you are done with the stage you are in now. You need a challenge and need to receive more lessons presented to you so you can excel with your journey. You see that there are many people still in the basic learning stages, and they may stay there, let them go. You were meant to fly, to fly high and with courage. This is the hawk energy. Embrace it.


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