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What Does A Psychic Link Look Like?

What Does A Psychic Link Look Like?

This happens so often between my daughter and me. Yesterday, I was home putzing around the house, making chicken soup for my sick husband, and entertaining myself by texting my daughter.

It was breakfast time, so a soft-boiled egg was on the menu. This rekindled a memory of eating soft-boiled eggs at home as a kid from these beautiful little egg holders, pictured on the left.

I snapped a photo of what I was doing and sent it to my daughter to show her this cute little egg holder. Her response took my breath away.

“Mom, I’m at the Salvation Army and was just looking at this.” (photo on the right)

“What? No! Really Caroline? Are we seriously looking at the same thing at the same time?”

They were slightly different in color and shape, but the “confidence” was uncanny.

Two other psychic links, same thoughts, coincidences, whatever you want to call them, happened before our egg-holder conversation. How does this happen? Is it because we are genetically similar as mother and daughter?

I know psychic abilities are passed down to children; if this is the case, my daughter is in for an amazing ride.


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