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What Do We Do When We Hit a Plateau?

We try so many things in life to make our journey easier. We fill our lives up with empty graphics, words, and experiences that are filled with illusions. We climb those bridges in hopes to find something that resonates on the other side ... but it's all the same. Where do we go from here?

When these "plateaus" are reached they feel pretty awful like we got nowhere quick. You've been here before right? What can we do?

I keep looking towards tomorrow like - now what can do that I haven't done a thousand times before? I have no answers but time. Time to think, read, enjoy life, live, laugh, love, create, and just be. It sounds pretty basic but when we get to the point of now what? we just have to wait it out.

I've noticed a pattern with myself that when I hit these bridges it's always a good thing to chill and enjoy the quiet because just in the horizon, something big awaits and that is where energy is needed. So if you're on a bridge, just chill, look around and find something to do that calms you. There will be more.


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