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What Do Spirit People Say In Readings?

Excerpt from my book -

Chapter 18 - "Quotes From Spirit People" - these are some of the notes I took from my readings. I love to hear the messages from the spirit realm! Here are a few of their words:


“I’d give my right arm for you!”

“I love you to the moon and back!”

“Now, now! Stop fighting! I feel I told her this all the time!”

“Tell her I’m with her when she makes her spaghetti sauce.”

“You’re on the ground floor for something amazing.”

“She sure wears the pants in the family!”

“Let her be who she wants and needs to be.” (in reference to being gay)

“Sorry, we fought so much. I always loved you!”

“Tell her I’m the one who gives her joy when her days are dark and gloomy.”

“Some days are rainy and cloudy, but the sun will always shine for you.”

“You’re my love and joy!”

“I love you honey; you know that. Through tough times, thick and thin. I always loved you.”

“Yea, she’s my baby girl! I love her to death.”

“I miss you M**. You have a big heart, and you wear it on your sleeve.”

“She has the keys to my heart. I love you baby girl!” (spirit said, Thank you Donna)

“Smoking pot? I’m not happy about it, but if it makes you happy, then ok.”

“Chalk it up. You did a great job teaching your kids rules and behaviors.”


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