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What Can Empaths Do?

More and more each day, I'm seeing people afraid and their anxiety is through the roof - I'm in that group too! I will say this, there are so many people following the herd and the people outside that circle feel alone.

They, we - have a HUGE role to fulfill and it won't be easy. Feeling alone is a horrible feeling but we must go on, stand our ground and do what we came here to do and believe in.

As the system collapses, and the "system" is everything from family, friends, relationships, and all the other 'stuff' in the news, the few will stand strong but at a cost.

A few months ago I saw a vision, it was from a woman and she said to me, “The next four years will be very difficult but after that, it will be ok!” I asked, “Is my health going to be ok?” She said, "Yes, it's not about that.” And the vision ended.

What can we do to feel better? And this is a must - put electronics down for a while or at least limit yourself, a lot. Do not watch the news, only shows that resonate with you and that do not have commercials. Limit yourself to people and yes, that means family and friends. Go outside as much as possible, by yourself, and in the sun.

I know that sounds crazy but it helped me through a few dark days. There is magic in the sun and nature is amped up for those who need this and seek this healing. We are not alone, we just need to know where to look. Trust your intuition.


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