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What Are You Looking For?

What was Leonard's intent when he made the Vitruvious Man? There are shapes, superimposed positions and a

that there is unlying code that is there for us to discover.

Some art is just a mystery, like life. It's created for us to discover why it's here for us and how it relates to our lives.

• What are we looking for in life?

• Where are we looking?

• Why are we looking?

• Are we even looking in the right places?

So many questions and I can't help thinking that like in nature, there are code embedded into many of the masters art. We pull from life what we need, and what we see, and it's different for everyone.

Keep looking and discover.

If you have questions or are looking for insights, I invite you to look at my SHOP where there are several types of readings available for you.


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