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We Have To Go Back In Time To Find The Answers We Need Now

Like many people, I too had tons of questions about mediumship. How exactly does mediumship start? What triggers the ability to connect with the spirit world? Why do some people see ghosts, have ESP, or just know things?

From the various books I’ve read over the years and the mediums that I spoke to, most had imaginary friends and were able to see spirit people (I hate to say, “dead people”; I find it very disrespectful) since they were young. Did I? No, I didn’t. All my friends were solid, I could touch them, and they didn’t disappear when an adult walked into the room. I had a fairly normal, boring childhood until I turned ten, then things started to change.

Point is, we have to revisit our past to figure who and what we are today. The next post will be about that day in time when I was ten and almost died, which is a HUGE part of who I am today. It’s all connected. Stay Tuned!


I'll be sharing snip-it's from the book I wrote, From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind Of A Medium, available in my shop if you'd like a signed copy or in Amazon.


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