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Using Scrabble Tiles As A Divination Tool

And yet another amazing spiritual gift has been given to me! As time goes on, these abilities naturally unfold. It’s nothing special; anyone can do these things if they want to.

For years I’ve been saving my Scrabble tiles in hopes of using it as a Divination tool, and well, had little success until today.

My dad passed recently, and I connect with him every day as if he was still here. I was playing my steel tongue drum in my meditation room, and afterward, I felt like I wanted to connect with my dad. I pulled out a handful of tiles and dropped them on my card table, and the word TONE appeared. It was interesting that TONE is related to the music I was playing.

Then I asked him how his last hours of life was at home with us, pulled some tiles, dropped them on the table the word GOLD was spelled out. This felt so good to me to know because there are so many things that I wanted to do differently, and was worried that I didn’t do enough. My heart rests knowing he thought his last days with his family were GOLDen.

Lastly, I asked him how he and mom were doing on the other side now that they were together, and what you see in the graphic, is what was spelled out. This is unbelievable! It was so easy to connect with my dad, ask him questions and get answers. I am looking forward to many more conversations with, well, anyone who is on the other side.


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