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Unveiling the 6 Steps of Ascension: A Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment

I love reading spiritual stories, and I love seeing that there is a common thread among so many of us.

The ascension process is different for everyone, and this is true, yet there are so many common factors involved in this process. Knowing that there is a unique and common thread among us is very comforting. Let's talk about those connections.

Let's go over the components of my awakening and check if any of them resonate with you.  

1. Suddenly, the world becomes different. Nature has become the focus of so much. From the color of things to just being in nature, the first step for me is to be in nature. It feels good to be in nature when being around people becomes overwhelming.

2. Sharing experiences with friends. OK, here is one of those major common threads. Once I started sharing my experiences with my friends one by one, as if they were pegged off at the shooting range at the carnival, they began to disappear. Some people left because the experiences that I shared were just too bizarre for them. It became my everyday expression, but for them, it was something they experienced in nightmares. Fear is one thing that will definitely drive away friends.

Jealousy was another factor that drove away friends. It seemed like, "Oh no, you are not going to take the spotlight away from me" if these friends happen to be psychic mediums or share the same career path.

One of the main things that drove away my friends was the fact that they thought I could see what color underwear they had or read their minds. As silly as it is, these are legitimate thoughts that my friend shared with me, and deep down, I knew they were serious.

3. Relationships with spouses/partners. Now, this is a big one, and I've seen it happen time and time again. Also for myself, I know my sole contract with my husband was a risk. Thankfully, he supported me and loved me regardless of what path I chose. I do know other people who got divorced, ended a relationship, or just completely shut out their partner because of communication issues within this process.

As awful as this process with friends and spouses sounds, I'm going to fast-forward and inject a little positivity. Please know this for the people who have not gone through this stress yet: As people leave your life for being out of alignment with your frequency and energy, please know that there will be people right behind them who are within your same frequency. Also, this is important: your partners are with you to compliment you, not complete you.

4. Time. Time is such a demon and an angel all in one. As the awakening process darts, and mine started in 2014, and it is now mid-2024, this process feels like forever. I get it; you want that “let's get to the point of this amazing journey to happen.” Unfortunately, my friends, it will not work that way. I was specifically told this by spirit in 2014 because I seem to have a headstart on many of these experiences but spirit told me the following year, 2015, yes you will be ready to do readings and such, but you still have time before you fully unfold. Fully unfold? What does that even mean? As I look back over time, I did amazing readings in 2014, but now that my senses are very refined, I feel like a completely different person from back then. So please wait, do not rush, and time will be your angel because when your time arrives, you will know it, you will feel it and you will get signs from the universe telling you it's OK to step into your own.

5. Cards and crystals. These tools are crutches but are super fun and beautiful to have. Yes, they do connect to a higher self or spirit for validation of what we already know, but there's a point where many of us buy dozens and dozens of cards and enough crystals to build a mountain. As time passes, you'll discover that the cards validate what you've already sensed. So, do you really need cards and crystals? As you grow in your spirituality, you become so refined that you may ditch the cards and crystals and just rely on yourself, which is amazing. When you reach that point, you know you hit a plateau. I call it “surrender.” Once you ditch the ego and fully embrace who you are in this beautiful universe, everything naturally unfolds. It's a very comfortable place to be, and it's literally a part of you that's always been there and you finally got to know.

6. Synchronicity. Now, this is probably the strangest part for me about awakening. There have been so many synchronicities that I am unable to list them all, even in my journals. I would say that I get a synchronicity at least five or six times a day if not more. It's been a part of my life for several years now. What is it? It seems like it's just a validation of self, where I feel comfortable in my own skin and spirit validated for me.

There are numerous steps involved in this remarkable process, and I have provided a brief outline. I am highlighting the key ones that are generally agreed upon. Although it can be a solitary, bewildering, and challenging world, most of us wouldn't alter a thing. Our spiritual team selected us for this path with a purpose. It is essential to accept our journey and move in harmony with the flow rather than resisting it.


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