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Understanding The “NO” in Mediumship and How to Concor This Challenge.

As mediums, we all come across this issue in our journey; the issue I am talking about is the NO that we receive during the meetings.

When we do get a NO in or mediumship readings, many mediums panic and try to push it under the rug or say, "oh, let's put that on the back burner" and never get back to it. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

I am lucky to have studied a bit over the years under the wing of Andy Byng who I highly, highly recommend looking into if you are taking a mediumship seriously. I'm also super excited to be taking one of his classes on this very subject.

Meanwhile, I'll invite you to join my free, events on Meet-Up platform where I will be hosting a zoom event on this very subject, and so many more about mediumship.

I hope to see you on my meet up platform, and also hopefully in the class that Andy is offering to start tomorrow, so move quickly!


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