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Transcendence; Hold The Readiness

I'm loving my new #SacredGeometry cards - they have such strong messages that SO resonate with me!

Today's message is about transcendence. There are messages for us literally everywhere, especially in nature. It could be something as little as a rock that you see, or an animal, our totem/animal guides. I know mine is a bear and I'm very unlikely to see one in nature but I do feel the bear energy, and it fuels me.

The point of these messages or awareness is to transcend higher into your spiritual journey. These signs or symbols, whether they are physical, verbal, or just a thought, are to shake you up and awaken you to propel you a little bit further in your knowing.

Don't back down, these situations are presented to you for a reason. Hold yourself in readiness, sharpen your senses, and observe nature and all she has to show you. It's yours.


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