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Today Is A Day of Magic and Secret Knowledge

That sounds all mystical and all and I guess in a way, it is. Our journey is never easy, if it was, it wouldn't be called a journey it would be called a walk in the park.

About magic: Is there a wand that you can wave to make magic? Yes and no. Keep in mind that these are all tools, from wand to cards to crystals. Yes they help and enhance our abilities but those abilities come from within us. Our magic is the time when we are in the right place at the right time. It's when we get those ah-ha moments out of nowhere. It's when we meet someone for the first time and feel like we've known them for years. It's the way things just happen to work out for us just when we needed it the most. This is our magic we create and manifest on a subliminal level.

Secret knowledge: This goes way deeper and I never really thought about it until I started writing this post. Our secret knowledge (and don't go to the internet to see what 'secret knowledge is - trust your gut, your knowing) is those amazing coincidences, and I just had a MAJOR one as I was typing this post and will explain it shortly. So, secret knowledge is when you are seeking answers and there's no where to find them - no person, no book, and certainly nothing on the internet. It's what just happened to me - when as I was typing this, clear out of the blue I decided to change the station I was listening to on my phone. The name of the song was Halcyon by Ryan Farish. Why is that amazing? Well this is a long story but in a nutshell, Halcyon is the name of the very first Angel I saw. I'm also still writing my Angel book so that energy is very high today. This is that energy that is extremely hard to explain and not everyone gets it. I had a slow start to my day but after sitting in the sun for about 20 minutes, I now have focus and clarity. What is in the sun that changes our thoughts and puts our soul at ease? It's magic of course, soak it up.🌟

Here is the song from my Angels:


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