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Time To Transmute

Today, it's all about transmutation. To transmute is to change "the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form," like coal to a diamond, so to speak.

There are things in life we cannot change, but we can change the way we react. That will make a world of difference. The point here, and I'm going to use politics as an example, definitely voice your opinion and let it all out BUT keep that time to a minimum. Set an hour, two hours, or even a day to express how you feel. Doing so will release your tensions and express your emotions; we certainly don't want to keep all that bottled up inside because that will definitely affect our health.

Transmute thoughts to feelings to vocal expressions to even physically releasing. On a higher level, release that energy and be in charge of how you react to those future events. Super hard to do but very empowering when you nail it. I work on this daily, and it's no walk in the park but so very worth it.