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Time, Simply Explained

Time: it's been the topic of very deep conversations among LightWorkers and the Awakened. They say time doesn't exist yet; it constantly changes. From the past to the present, we experience time, yet we can be excited or anxious about time in the future and things that haven't happened yet. What is time?

The past two years have been one swirling, hot energy of time. It's like a rope that has been pulled in two directions for a really long time and finally snapped from the extreme tension. As the rope breaks apart, the fibers that once held it together are now flying everywhere. Let's say those rope fibers represent different segments of time; they are neither here nor there. They are in front of us, behind us, beside us, and above us, separately yet together.

As we stand, we can see all these “fibers of time,” fibers of the past and present. We don't see the fibers of the future, but we know they are there.

What does all this mean?

As we go about our lives, we recall our memories, thoughts, and experiences. Sometimes, our experiences and thoughts of the past somehow get bumped up to our present. It's like walking through these fibers of time and experiencing these memories all over again. Sometimes, these fibers get really close to one another and don't reconnect but touch. This process creates a Deja Vu.

Sometimes, totally unrelated fibers, let's say the ones that were all the way on the left, glide over to the fibers on the right, and this my friends, creates the future. Not a new future but one that on some level, we had in our mind as a thought, and it has now become a reality.

They say that we create our timelines. Everything that unfolded in my life since my Awakening in 2014 has become a new timeline that was already designed for me to experience.

From the cords I cut, the veil I walked through, the downloads, dreams, energy surges, awakening pains, gathering of my highest good, and releasing all that does not serve me, my rope, has now reconnected. It's something that I would have never imagined - yet on some level, it has been a thought buried in the crevices of my mind.

I will not go into personal details of my life of how this has all unfolded because it's complicated and hard to explain. It's magical, amazing, and is definitely a life-changer.

You know how they say, “Always trust the process?” This process can take a lifetime, but there is a time in life when it all unfolds. You can feel this process in your heart chakra and in the knowing of your solar plexus.

Once you get into this new space of time, you will hands-down know it. How? Because everything feels different, nothing is the same, and what was important as recent as yesterday or as late as two years ago suddenly feels like the very distant past.

You'll beat yourself up knowing that you put way too much energy and emotion into things that did not matter in life, and you will now be glad that your energy will never be in that mode again because you've ascended.

This time trip can be lonely and trying, that is 100% for sure, BUT when you arrive in life with a new rope in your hand, you are now ready to live life as a new child.

Take your new rope and start jumping through life. You are now a dancer in time.



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Mar 23, 2022

Wow, Donna. Great time insights! Time was and will be, but it never is. We can dance in the center to a certain degree inside of space-time; it is quite freeing to be that dancer. 😇⏳

Mar 23, 2022
Replying to

I'll tell ya Joanne, things are changing so fast! I feel so in sync with the universe - like I can take on the world!

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