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Time Is The Only Thing That Heals Us

time heals us

It's been some time since I last shared a Lenormand Card daily message, and I believe today presents a perfect opportunity to jump into this practice once again. The focus of today's message revolves around the concept of TIME. Time, a mysterious and intangible force that governs our lives in ways both seen and unseen.

When we consider the notion of time in the context of a Lenormand Card reading, we are prompted to reflect on the aspects of our current situation. Are we feeling rushed and pressured, or perhaps stagnant and stuck in a moment that refuses to pass? The cards may offer insights into how we are perceiving and utilizing time in our lives, urging us to reassess our priorities and make the most of the moments we are given. Or, to help us move on from any given situation.

Just as the hands of a clock move in a continuous loop, so too do the patterns and phases of our lives. Do we creative new patterns and move on or do we dwell on the patterns of the past and remain stagnant?


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