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The Psychic Part Of Psychic Mediumship

I offer an “Intuitive Reading” and what that entails is anything on a psychic level, a mediumship level, a charka reading or a general energy connections along with a card reading at the end.

The other day I did a reading and it was definitely heavy on the psychic end of the reading verses the mediumship side. This was a fascinating reading for me because of the messages that unfolded.

The thing I love about readings are the random impressions that I get while doing a reading, that is how I know it's not coming from my imagination. For example, one reading I did I mentioned top hats which was so silly I almost didn't want to mention it. As a seasoned medium I know not to filter out any information no matter how silly it is. Winds up that top hats were used for the Groomsmen in someone's wedding! Can you imagine if I left that tidbit out?

During my recent reading there were many indications of things to come, things from family trips by a lake, a warning of someone coming dangerously close to a fire and even the mention of a string instrument that a family member was going to come in contact with. What is so odd about a string installment that spirit had to let me know? The string instrument is going to have an attachment of some kind to it. Now that sounds so science fiction but to validate that, I received the first letter of that persons name, which to me, is a very rock solid warning. The reading contained on a very psychic level with mentions of stars, a memory box and other tidbits that were very unlike a mediumship reading. I thought it was facilitating!

When clients purchase these readings, I always mention in the beginning how this service unfolds. It can be anything from a full blown mediumship reading to a charka reading. There are no limits or restrictions, I just let the energy flow and keep the connection strong.


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