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The Nuts and Bolts of Mediumship

Can you even put mediumship in a nutshell? Absolutely! Over the years, I taught a 4-week class on mediumship. It's a great class and covered TONS of information, but I find that most people don't want to wait or invest 4 weeks' time to learn about mediumship; when I started out, I was excited and wanted to learn fast too.

As time passed, I learned how mediumship works, and it's very simple. Don't get me wrong, you have to put in the time to develop your abilities but simply put, you can start off with an expeditious outline of the nuts and bolts of mediumship to get you started.

Replacing my 4-week class, I'm now offering a two-hour ZOOM class that covers all you need to know to set your mediumship in motion. How do I know this works? Because when I was starting out in my training, I followed these simple steps and had very good results. Looking back at my notes, I was like, “why did my teachers NOT tell me it was this simple?"

Keep in mind mediumship is not a special ability that only comes with those who study it for years on end. It is a natural connection to the spirit world that we all have, and now, I'm offering another class, simplified.

In my 2-hour class, I outline the pivotal components of mediumship that I found useful from my teachers and what I found to be key elements in my mediumship.

This is a one-on-one class, like a mentorship, so for those of you who like to learn on a smaller scale, this class if for you!


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