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The Need To Erase Is SO Strong!

I’ve been feeling this for a solid year now, and I cannot dodge these signs any longer.

I know that my 60th year was a big one for so many reasons, both spiritual and personal. If I am to move on, I must listen to my Guides.

While in the shower this morning, I asked my Spiritual team for guidance since I felt out of sorts. The word ERASE came in loud and clear.

What does this mean? It means closing the cover of the book of life that I’ve been living for the past 60 years and opening a new one. To close my book, I have to erase it.

What does erasing involve? To start with, it is changing my thoughts. Old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve me must be let go. The great thing about this is that once that happens, a new book opens, and I can start organizing the chapters of my new life book.

I begin with deleting files and photos on my computer that have been there for way too long. As I view these antiquated documents and photos that I spent many, many hours of work designing, it will all be gone, erased. As I spend hours hitting the delete button, I begin to feel lighter.

This, my friends, is precisely what happens when you ASK for guidance. You will only get help from your spirit team if you ask. All this information came in as I talked to my team in the shower. I sit here in a towel, haven’t had coffee yet, haven’t fed my cats yet, and haven’t started my day yet — that is how vital and strong this message is.

I’m excited to see how all this unfolds. Thank you, Guides, for steering me toward the direction I was already leaning toward; I just needed a push. I ask for your continued guidance as I erase.




Opening new space for new wonderful things to come in…


Yes and exciting on so many levels, like starting life when we first graduate college.

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