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The Morning Is My Time As Is Any Time

I love waking up early! It’s the time I have to myself, to listen to the birds and nature wake up in the morning, to feel the quietness of the day, to get in those early morning stretches and connect with myself before the craziness of the day starts.

The past few months have been quite busy in my home in time to myself has changed. I actually found myself not allowing to have quality time alone and putting everybody first and that has detrimental affect on my mind body and spirit. It wasn't until I actually hosted a zoom event on "how to protect your energy" that I realized I wasn't protecting mine.

As a mom what I do naturally, I put other people first and put myself on the back burner. Overtime it been feeling myself lost and drained. thankfully, through the luck of spirit, things have started falling back into place.

I found this amazing little book in my home library, it's about 5" x 5" small and it's about mindfulness. I decided to take it with me while I was waiting for my dad to come out of the dentist office. It's amazing how such a small book has had such a big impact on my thoughts. Today, it's my goal to be mindful as much as possible.

It's also OK to put other people, even the family members, on the back burner. Life is short and it's important to make every day meaningful and worthwhile on some level.

So about an hour or so before the sun rises, I slowly wake up, stretch and start my brain going. I try not to think of anything too deep just to release my inner thoughts.

After a few minutes I do grab my phone and look at the news, my email, the weather and to see if I have any other text messages. Yeah I probably should not do that but I kind of feel I need to.

Then I grab my iPad and I start playing Uno or some kind of word game that warms my brain up for the day. It's the time I have to myself, alone.

I realize I have not been too kind to myself the past few months and that is going to stop. I need to put myself first, my health, my appearance, my joy, and the things that bring me pleasure in life. Everybody else has their life and they do what they want and I need to stop thinking of other people when I try to live my life and what makes me happy.

I owe a lot of this thought process to this little book of mindfulness. It's amazing when you change small simple things in life, big changes begin to appear.


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