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The Magic of the 11:11 Gateway

it's interesting how things just naturally happen. Yesterday I was “supposed” to be hosting a ZOOM event at 1:11 and for some reason, started it at 11:11. At first, I was embarrassed that I goofed up for my group but then I was thinking about it this morning.

I naturally just flowed into that 11:11 portal - yesterday 1/11 at 11:11 - that was a really big deal! AND to top it off, I was doing a mediumship reading for someone at that exact time!

All the hard work of alignment, uncomfortable downloads and upgrades, going through those sleepless nights of the full moon phases, and all the other energy bursts have paid off. To naturally be in aliment of our “new and upcoming earth frequency” is pretty darn awesome.

It's funny how this energy stuff works out but all of a sudden you wake up one day and many of the things in the past that were heavy on your mind now seem to ease away. The people who had the facades of being your friends, those cords are now cut and we've all moved on. It's not good or bad, right or wrong ... it just is 🌟


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