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The HUG BUNDLE Has Arrived!

What is a HUG BUNDLE? Hug Bundle - I consolidated my services for the people who are strongly advancing their spiritual journey, which is the Hug Bundle, and for the people who are looking for insights and self-healing via my Intuitive Reading.

Consolidation; is the process or action of making something stronger or more solid. This is what this Hug Bundle is all about.

This bundle is not for everyone, but it will be perfect for people who are serious about their spiritual journey and want to take it to the next level.

This one-on-one service will be a 30-day experience as you enjoy all this package offers. Allow me to explain it to you. It will be just you and I, no large classes to feel apprehensive in, just us.

For one price, it includes 30 days of intuitive services, which include:

  • (1) one chakra reading

  • (1) one aura reading

  • (1) one coffee cup reading

  • a 15-minute daily chat, aka, Mornings With A Medium, via ZOOM

  • (1) Angel card reading

  • (1) Lenormand card reading

  • (1) Mediumship reading

  • a 2-hour mentorship session for Q&A on how to excel your senses into mediumship.

  • (1) hour dream interpretation session

  • a digital download of my booklet, The Angels I Met

  • a copy of my book From Color To The Cosmos: Inside The Mind of A Medium while supplies last, a $25 value.

  • unlimited emails, reasonably, for the entirety of your 30 days.

A $750 fee for this service comes out to $25 a day. The fee gets paid in full via PayPal, and sorry, there are no refunds, so please commit to this time we have together. It will be a very busy but productive 30 days.

I love to answer questions and suggest starting a journal for all your questions, concerns, and anything else you'd like to share. I give a lot of details in my readings, which will be

Note: please download the ZOOM app.


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