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The Fire of 2020

Last night I put a mason jar of water out in the night, I do this from time to time depending on the moon phase. Last night was the New Moon and I felt drawn to charge some water so out it went.

Last-minute I decided to add one fireball to the water, some people add crystals to enhance. Why did I add a fireball? How fitting for 2020 right? 2020 was a fiery year that left many of us hot under the collar. With this jar, that will probably never be opened or used, I felt I captured the feeling of 2020 as a reminder of this year.

During a New Moon it is the time to just THINK about what you want to be new in your life without making any choices or decisions; it's just a thinking process at this time. If you haven't noticed so far, a lot came to the surface that needed to be seen, understood and absorbed. But like the fireball, it starts off cool, gets hot and cools again in the end. Looking forward to 2021 ❤️


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